Americans for Freedom

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Americans for Freedom

If you believe in the US Constitution, then read about what we stand for under the "Info Tab" at the top of this page and Join Americans For Freedom to support us to fight in DC. If you do not speak out then who will?

Founded by business & Grass Roots leader, Michael Pinson, Americans for Freedom is an non-partisan educational organization that educates voters about the key issues, government, the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Americans for Freedom a grass roots organization that is helping bring Veterans groups together in DC to help clean up Congress.

Help support AFF founder Michael Pinson and “Americans for Freedom” Team to make a difference, Clean up our Congress, Support our American Core Values and to take our Free American Republic back.

When the web site opens you will have massive new Grass Roots tools and resources where all of you can help make a difference from home. The web site is almost done. In the meantime, please share links and comments from our Facebook page with others and ask friends to join AFF. When the web site opens, we will move everyone into the new web site in the first week.

We Support as our American Core Values:

To Speak out in favor for Equal Opportunity, Liberty, Freedom, Capitalism (not Corporatism), Free Markets, to have the right to be honest, save, invest and work hard so we are financially independent of the Government, without the Government sponsoring income class and religious hate against our citizens.

To Speak out against Progressive Socialism / Marxism in our schools, colleges and government

Force the Government to follow the US Constitution

Protect our Bill of Rights

Support a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment

Reduce Taxes to a Flat Tax vs a Progressive Tax

Phase out the Bankrupt Social Security Program and convert to Private Savings Options

Increase the number of Legal Work Visas, Expand Immigration Enforcement, No Amnesty

Protect our Environment while Supporting American Jobs

To give a hand back up to those in need

To end Progressive Socialist teachings in our public schools

To bring back the American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance in Schools

To stop the massive religious and income class hate being promoted in our schools, by our own government and unions.

Americans For Freedom Supports:

1) Downsizing Government to the Federal Budget of 1998

2) Ending Corporatism and Labor Union Control over our local, state and federal governments.

3) Create a Flat Tax system where Income Class war end in America. This is achieved by providing the first $20,000 that a person earns as tax free, with a Flat Tax of 25% above that no matter who much money you earn.

4) To end many departments within the Federal Government that are not legal under the US Constitution.

5) To reduce all taxpayer monies paid to foreign governments by 80%.

6) and our American Core values above.

Our Mission:
To educate voters about our true American Core Values and help rally them to speak out to protect our Free American Republic.

Progressive Socialism has expanded into our courts, schools, colleges and government. Americans for Freedom is here to help stop them. There are also Progressive and weak leaders in the who need to be replaced with true American Patriots who will openly support the US Constitution and our American Core Values.

"americans for Freedom",, and are trademarks of Pinson Holdings, Inc and Michael Pinson, that has been in use since 2005.

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Founded: 2009

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